The Peafowl Feathers Shawl FREE pattern release

Peafowl Feathers Crochet Shawl Pattern

Find the updated FREE crochet shawl pattern HERE.


  1. On the 3rd rows (red rows), I always end up 3 stitches short. Anyone else have that problem?

    1. I experienced similar with row 4 of the main pattern. Not sure how to go from row 3 - 39 stitches to 57 in row 4 when we are missing every other tr stitch? If i i jt tr in all 37 stitches I come up short 3 stitches. Any idea what i am missing? I appreciate any and all assistance. This is a beautiful pattern and my first attempt at a shawl. Thank you for sharing Veronika!

    2. The pattern is wrong. Just add three in the corner for two out of three rounds.


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