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This blog post comes with a HEALTH WARNING and FREE hat pattern

This blog post comes with a health warning!!!

WARNING: Please do not open or read this blog post if you are of addictive nature, mainly to super soft and squishy things...

I've warned you...

Okay, now you are reading at your own risk!

Soo... I've got my hands on some lovely squishiness which goes by name The Wool from We Are Knitters. And yes it has a name believe it or not because trust me on this it kind of feels like I've been delivered a kitten... Yes you've heard right- a kitten.

It's seriously soft and squishy stuff. It is made from 100% Peruvian Highland Wool and it comes in 200 grams ball which is roughly as big as my head....or a kitten...

I've begrudged opening this ball and using it because I've spent about a week staring at it, stroking it, cuddling it and taking about hundred pictures of it... similar stuff to what you do when you get a new kitten... (you can see a theme developing here, right?)

I've chosen shade L613 Grey

This wool is super chunky and the recommended needle size is 10 mm according to the label. I used 12 mm crochet hook and I've decided to make a hat for myself.

It is a fabulous yarn to work with, no splitting and it is easy to rip back if you need to. It feels lovely but kind of "raw" at the same time. It literally feels like you've been transported to Peru and you are stood at a lovely green pasture somewhere high in mountains stroking an alpaca.

I'm going to share a lovely hat I made using this wool.
I was aiming for a simple "knit look" hat which works up superfast but it look like you've spent ages making it. This would make a great Christmas present.

Here is the free pattern using UK crochet terms.

ch- chain
dc- double crochet
BLO- working the stitches into back loop only
sl st- slip stitch
rnd- round
dc2tog- double crochet the following 2 stitches together

with 12 mm hook chain 6
Row 1- starting in 2nd ch from hook, 1 dc in each ch across [5 dc]
Row 2- ch1, 1 dc, 3 dc in BLO, 1 dc in last st. [5dc]
Row 3- Row 31- rep Row 2.
Do not fasten off.
Fold the long strip in half and slip stitch together to form a ring. Do not fasten off.
Continue working across the long edge.
Rnd 1- ch1 (doesn't count as a st throughout), 1 dc into end st of each row, sl st to 1st st. [30 dc]
Rnd 2- ch1, 1 dc into the "v" at the front of dc (see photo below) around, sl st to 1st st. [30 dc]
Rnd 3- Rnd 8- repeat Rnd 2
Rnd 9- ch1, (3 dc into "v" of dc, dc2tog inserting hook into "v" of dc) rep 6 times, sl st to 1st st. [24 dc]
Rnd 10- rep Rnd 2. [24 dc]
Rnd 11- ch1, (2 dc into "v" of dc, dc2tog inserting hook into "v" of dc) 6 times, sl st to 1st st. [18 dc]
Rnd 12- ch1,  (1 dc into "v" of dc, dc2tog inserting hook into "v" of dc) 6 times, sl st to 1st st. [12 dc]
Rnd 13- ch1, 6 dc2tog in BLO. [6 dc]
Fasten off leaving longer tail to sew up the little opening.

dc stitch creates "v" at the front, insert your hook through the middle of this "v", yarn over, pull up a loop and finish off the dc stitch. 


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