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Caught By The Sea Shawl Kit Pattern

Hi there,

If you've been following my journey a little you already know that from 1st April Blue Star Crochet Company is bringing out Caught By The Sea Shawl Complete Crochet Kit!

I wanted to talk to you guys about the design a little more today.

The kit contains a printed leaflet of the pattern that is A5 size so very portable to take with you on the go...

But that's not all of it!

At the back of the leaflet there is a Ravelry link you can enter into your internet browser as well as a special one off code that will give you an exclusive access to the digital files.

1st file is the digital version of the pattern leaflet so you can print your own in case you loose your copy or you spill a sugary cup of tea over it and the pages stick together :)

2nd file contains the pattern in text format only. This is a mobile friendly version of the pattern with no photos or charts so you can access the pattern on your phone even in areas with slower internet connection.

3rd file is called Support File. This file contains a lot of information to guide you through the pattern and offer you a lot of pattern support.
So let me give a quick peek into this file...
  1. Pattern notes- I explain the importance of tension as this shawl is a one ball make and guide you through the process of adjusting the pattern if you need to so that you don't run out of yarn
  2. Shawl diagram- explaining the direction of work and how the shawl is made up
  3. Explanation of a less familiar stitch used in the pattern and photo guide
  4. Photo tutorial- I guide you through the first 7 rows of the pattern with step by step clear close up photos 
  5. Charts and stitch legend- for those that prefer to work from a chart rather than a written pattern
  6. Stitch Count for EVERY row- I worked out the end stitch count for all 131 rows of the shawl so you can always check whether you are on the right track.
  7. Stitch count for every row if you need to make an adjustment 

I hope all this information will be useful to you and you will be confident to make this shawl even if you haven't been crocheting for very long.

The kit will be available to pre-order from 1st April via Blue Star Crochet Company Etsy store.

-Veronika x


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