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Yarn dyeing workshop

Hi all,

I just wanted to share with you an amazing workshop I attended on Saturday morning...
The best 3 hours a yarn addict and convicted squisher can possibly wish for!

A couple of weeks ago I signed up for a yarn dyeing workshop at The Fibreworks shop in Chipping Norton. It's a beautiful little wool shop bursting in seams with beautiful yarn and fabrics.

The workshop was led by the amazing Hannah from HeyJay Hand Dyed Yarns

Me and Hannah from HeyJay Yarn 

Hannah was very welcoming and a great tutor showing us the basics on how to dye yarn in a very relaxed atmosphere talking about all things yarn and colour over a cup of coffee. We were working with superwash merino 4-ply wool which was a fabulous base to work with as it took the colour so well and was rather forgiving in some cases.

I'm so glad I attended the workshop as there is a lot of information you can find online but sometimes it feels like there is just too much information and a bit confusing sometimes. I follow quite a few indie dyers on Instagram and to be honest watching them dye yarn always looked a bit too technical to me requiring a lot of equipment, space and time.
However, Hannah showed us a very easy technique how you can dye yarn even in the smallest kitchen with just a few basic things which you most likely own already. So all you really need is yarn, acid dyes and your imagination...

The workshop lasted 3 hours but you can probably see where I am going with this... I could have easily stayed there all weekend (even sleeping on the workshop floor) and play with yarn and colours!

We all had 4 skeins of yarn to go crazy on with so many colours to choose from!

So these are my 4 creations

The first skein I did was this subtle coral and grey combination

On the second skein I used blue, green and purple and it reminds me of a peacock feather

With the third skein I went for the grey ombre effect with some neon pink and blue speckles which were sprinkled on as a dry powder.

And the last skein come out as variegated using rusty red, orange and coral.

I would thoroughly recommend this workshop and if you are in Oxford area do not hesitate and book your place! You can contact The Fibreworks to sign up to a very fun morning of yarn dyeing.

Now if you excuse me I've got some squishing and project planning to do...

Happy crafting

-Veronika x


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