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Free crochet shawl pattern

I am so excited to bring you this free crochet shawl pattern!

Diamonds for Flora free crochet shawl pattern

It is a great shawl pattern for every crocheter whether you are only just starting in crochet or you have got a few finished projects under your belt.

This free crochet shawl pattern has been designed with precious hand dyed skeins of yarn in mind.

You know those skeins.... the ones you just could not resist (although you thought it is way too expensive and what on earth am I going to do with it...) Sounds familiar?

Well now is the time... the time to wake up those precious skeins from hibernation and breathe a new life into them...

I used a very lovely skein of hand dyed 4-ply yarn by Polly Orange. It was a 100g hank of yarn , approx. 425 m long.

The finished shawl is a great size 150 cm long x 80 cm wide at the widest point. It has a lovely lacy open texture which is perfect for spring or summer but gathered up around the neck it will double up and keep you warm even during the colder months.

This shawl has been designed for a very lovely lady @florahoneypot. Helen organised a lovely crafty gift swap for Christmas 2018. I was lucky and got paired up with the lovely Helen herself. There was no real rules for the swap apart from including an item of your own craft. So I decided to put my craft of crochet design to a good use and designed this shawl especially for Helen.

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If you prefer not to share your email address, you can purchase the pattern HERE.

Happy crocheting

-Veronika x


  1. Lovely pattern, I do have a question. I recieved the PDF , but unfortunately was never able to actually download the file, it just disappeared. I thought it had been uploaded to my Ravelry library, but it's not there. and I have no link to go back to search for it. What did I do wrong? Thanks for any help.

  2. I signed up for the newsletter, can you please send me the pattern?

  3. I'm also curious as to how i download the pattern now i've signed up for the newsletter. I was expecting to see a link appear after signing up, but just got a thanks for signing up, no way to download the pattern.

  4. Hi,
    there is a download link and a coupon code in your welcome email.
    Can you please email with the email address you used to sign up and I will forward the pattern. Many thanks.


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