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Free chunky crochet necklace pattern

Hi all,

I'm so excited to bring you this free chunky crochet necklace pattern! I have recently finished making a project with Bobbiny 5 mm cotton cord and I had a few metres of the cord left. I was raking my brains as to what to do with it!

One of the good ways to use up your leftover cord is to make a matching necklace and be a total outfit queen! So... I am bringing you this free chunky crochet necklace pattern!

5 mm Bobbiny cotton cord @ 5 metres
10 mm crochet hook
… and about 10 minutes to make it

ch- chain stitch
dc- double crochet
sl st- slip stitch

  • before you make your first slip knot to start crocheting make sure to leave at least 40 cm long tail end as this becomes one of the strands to go around your neck
  • Row 2 is worked into the underside of the starting  chain

Chain 16.
Row 1: starting in 2nd ch from hook, 7 dc, (1 dc, 1 ch, 1 dc) in next st, 7 dc to end, turn. 16 dc
Row 2: 1 ch, working into the underside of the foundation chain, 7 sl st, miss following st, 7 sl st to end. 14 sl st
Fasten off, leave a longer tail end which becomes the other strand to go around your neck. Cut the 2 strands to a desired length and tie together.

And there you have it... 10 minute chunky necklace to complement any outfit!

I would love to see your outfits and necklaces, share them with me over on Instagram.

For more patterns visit my Ravelry store.

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Happy crafting

- V x


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