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Mini Yarn Reviews no.1

Blue Star Crochet Company is bringing you the first episode in the Mini Yarn Reviews series!

I have worked with a few different yarns and when I think back to my beginnings and all the wrong yarn choices I made... I though it would be nice to talk about yarns and give you the information you won't find on the yarn ball band.. Things you wouldn't know unless you worked with the yarn or the info you think "I wish I knew this before I bought like 20 balls of this"...

So here it is!!! Make a cuppa and have a read...

The yarn I have chosen for my first review is... Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK!

This is the yarn I have used for my first commission for Crochet Now magazine! It was my Lilly's Sunset Blanket.

If you have been following me for a little bit you know I am not overly keen on cotton yarns....

So let's start with some basic info
LENGTH: 92 metres
BALL WEIGHT: 50 grams
FIBRE: 100% cotton

I'm going to score some of these sections on a scale of 1-10, the higher the number, the better. The sections without a score are subjective to the project you choose this yarn for. So the fact a yarn isn't very stretchy might work great for a coaster, not so great for a hat...
These are my personal opinions and adventures I experienced while working with this yarn.

EASE OF USE:  7  I find some cotton yarns a bit "sticky", they don't glide over the hook as nice and smooth as other fibre yarns, I must say out of all the cotton yarns I have used Stylecraft DK is a bit harder on the hands than others I have used. It might be because I worked with the DK so the thickness of the yarn has contributed to the fact that I found it a bit sticky.

SPLITTING: 8  The yarn is twisted well together  and doesn't split when it's being worked with unless you come across some sections within the ball that untwisted a bit, then you have to pay attention to insert your hook through all the individual fibres.

FROGGING: 10 There is no issues with the ease of this yarn being unpicked, the fibre is smooth and durable which is a bonus for pattern designers frogging designs over and over again.

STRETCH: It creates strong and heavy fabric that doesn't stretch much but this is also dependant on the stitch used that creates the stretch rather than the yarn itself.

WEIGHT AND DRAPE: This cotton yarn creates nice substantial fabric with little drape. I'm not scoring this section because if that is what you are looking for, then great!
The blanket I made using this yarn has a beautiful feel, it's nice and heavy and gives you a "blanket hug" but breathable at the same time.

WASHING AND BOBBLING: 10 (very technical term used right there...) I've made a small swatch in Ivory and washed it in the washing machine at 30 degrees and this is the result! It washes very well and stays nice and smooth with minimal bobbling :)

I would personally use this yarn for homewares and blankets. If I was going to use Stylecraft cotton for garments I would probably choose its thinner cousin and use the 4-ply version.
The yarn comes in a great selection of colours from neutrals, pastels and some great vibrant colours!
If you fancy a shopping spree, click HERE to head over to Deramores website.
(Please note it is an affiliate link)

Let me know what you think in the comments section below, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask or if you have any suggestions on what I haven't covered in my review or any yarns you would like to read about let me know..

-Veronika x


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